A Flooded Market

Posted by Tim Lintick on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 at 2:31pm.

The month of April has brought snow, freezing rain, sunshine, double digit temperatures, and lots of rain. Lots and lots of rain. In fact, more than double the average amount of rainfall we usually see in this tumultuous month. The phrase, April showers bring May flowers has been overdone to the nth degree. And as we start the month of May, we are seeing more of those showers that once belonged to the month of April. In fact, we are under another Special Weather Statement for a lot of rainfall. Rainfall that has already contributed to a State of Emergency for several communities in cottage country. Even the iconic Santa's Village in Bracebridge is under water. In fact so many properties, both homes and businesses, are under water that the Canadian Armed Forces has been called in to help sandbag and protect what's left. As well as make sure residents are safe and offer any help that they can. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his young son even paid a visit to the area this past week and helped fill a sandbag or two. It is a frightening time. The so-called hundred year flood has happened twice in the past decade alone. Some homeowners in parts of Quebec that are also experiencing dangerous and rising river waters have been offered a buyout of $200,000 for their property. Properties in Muskoka that have sold are being delayed in their closing because the flood waters have made them uninhabitable. Some properties that are for sale in Muskoka are under water, making them unsuitable for showings. The real estate market is literally under water. And there seems to be no end in sight. The first few days of May are expecting more rain, barrelling up from the States in the form of a Texas low. The rivers are running fast and the waters are coursing high. Even Lake Ontario is under a special warning along its waterfront as levels are rising fast and furious. Just two years ago, a similar event happened that saw Toronto Islands flooded out and close to the public for much of its summer season. An international river board is trying to stem the amount of water travelling to Ottawa and Montreal by reducing the rate that Lake Ontario is flowing out. But the waters from Lake Erie and the Niagara River continue to flow into Lake Ontario, and hence the rising levels. It's a fine line. An ever so delicate balance. And only Mother Nature knows when the end will be in sight. Waterfront, once considered luxurious and coveted, is taking on a whole new meaning. So far, thankfully, no one has been injured or worse. Some properties have collapsed in the fast moving water, but fortunately no people have been reportedly hurt. Not to make light of this catastrophe, but perhaps it's a good time to have a boat handy, just in case.

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