Preparing Your House For A Home Inspection

Posted by Tim Lintick on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 at 1:08pm.


Homeowners may feel anxious when their home is inspected. Rest assured, every single home has issues that need to be addressed. Home inspectors need access to all areas of the home in order to inspect components that may be hidden behind storage. Here are some tips to ensure a home inspector is able to complete a full report.

1. Make sure all utilities are hooked up and working properly. Homes without electricity or water or gas supply can be inspected – but it results in a less effective home inspection.

2. Remove items from outside the home that may block access to vent openings, utility meters, air conditioning units, electrical outlets, hose bibs, etc. Exterior walls and foundation should be visible around the entire home, so please trim back bushes or trees as necessary.

3. Try to keep storage away from walls and doors in the garage.

4. Keep electrical outlets accessible for testing. Replace burned out light bulbs. Doors and windows will also be tested and operated.

5. Clean and tidy up underneath the sinks in kitchens and bathrooms. The home inspector will test water supply and waste plumbing for all fixtures in the house.

6. Ensure electrical panels, furnace, water heater, gas and water shut off valves are accessible and free from storage. The inspector will be looking at all the mechanical aspects of the house.

7. If the attic hatch is located in a closet, please make sure it is accessible. Remove items that may be in the way of the home inspector, as he will be taking a look up into the attic.

8. Please make arrangements to be away from the house during the inspection, which usually lasts about three hours. And please ensure pets are removed or safely secured during the home inspection.


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